Hoda Barakat’s Brazilian translator to join live stream

As pre-orders for the Brazilian version of the “The Tiller of Waters” by Hoda Barakat start, Tabla publishing house cofounder Laura di Pietro talks with translator Safa Jubran in a live stream on Wednesday (28) at 6 pm (BRT) on the publishing house’s YouTube channel.

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São Paulo – As pre-orders for the O arador das águas [The Tiller of Waters] by Lebanese author Hoda Barakat start, Tabla publishing house co-founder and editor-in-chief Laura di Pietro discusses the release of the new book with Brazilian translator Safa Jubran in a live stream on Wednesday (28) at 6 pm (BRT) on YouTube.

Safa Jubran discusses the translation of the book in a live stream

The novel’s protagonist, Niqula, inherits from the father not just the fabric store but a kind of textile code, a lens through which he can see the world. In the ruins of a ravaged Beirut, in the basement of his store, Niqula will rebuild recollect the sagas of his family and his beloved Chamsa.

Safa Jubran is a full professor of Arabic at the University of São Paulo (USP) and one of the most important Arabic translators in Brazil. Besides The Tiller of Waters, Jubran has also translated The Nigh Mail by Hoda Barakat from the Arabic into Brazilian Portuguese. Laura Di Pietro moderates this series of live streams interviewing translators.

You can watch the live stream by clicking here.

Product details

O arador das águas
Hoda Barakat
Translated by Safa Jubran
ISBN: 978-65-86824-16-2
240 pages
1st edition

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

Press Release
Press Release

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