New minister for foreign trade of Lebanon is Brazilian

Hassan Mourad was nominated together with the new cabinet formation of the Arab country. The position didn’t exist in the previous government. He was born in São Paulo in 1976.

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São Paulo – The new minister of state for foreign trade of Lebanon was born in Brazil, more specifically in São Paulo in 5 March 1976. Hassan Mourad took office in January 31, when the new Lebanese ministerial cabinet was formed after more than nine months of negotiations. The prime-ministers is still Saad Hariri, and the president Michel Aoun. Mourad’s office didn’t exist in the previous formation of the cabinet.

According to the Lebanese consul in São Paulo Rudy El Azzy, Mourad’s office is not subordinated to the Ministry of Economy. “Mourad’s office does not have the structure of a ministry, just an office to handle foreign trade businesses; it is the first time the government has this specialization,” he told.

The new Lebanese cabinet in Beirut

In an interview to a Lebanese radio station, Mourad said his office involves foreign relations, industry, agriculture and economy oriented for Lebanese goods exports.

In his first speech after he took office, Mourad reiterated the new government’s position in defending the Palestinian Cause in the Middle East. This Thursday (7), Mourad made his first ministerial travel to Turkey with the ministry of economy and commerce Mansour Bteish. Their goal was to tackle businesses such as developing trade interchange between both countries and solving pending issues about exports.

“I wish the best to the new government and ministers of Lebanon, including the minister Mourad, and hope he can develop the trade relations between Lebanon and Brazil,” said consul El Azzi.

Mourad’s family lived in Brazil for a short period. He was born in São Paulo, but his family returned soon to Lebanon. According to El Azzi, there are still many members of the Mourad family in the country. “Hassan Mourad’s aunts and uncles live in São Paulo, as well as their children and grandchildren.

Mourad’s father was Abd Al-Rahim Mourad, a congressman in Lebanon and former minister of defense and education of the country. Hassan Mourad is married to Reem Al Assaf and has two children.

Most of Lebanese community in the world outside of Lebanon is in Brazil, with approximately 10 million people, including descendants. The Lebanese population is 6 million people, according data from 2017.

Translated by Guilherme Miranda

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