Airbnb to support 20 refugee experiences

A jury will select the best proposals from the Roots in the City project for the platform’s official Experiences project.

Thais Sousa

São Paulo – Online rental platform Airbnb, which connects guests and hosts, will pick the 20 best experiences proposed by refugees and immigrants via its Roots in the City project. The initiative saw training provided to refugees in a course since last March, in partnership with NGO Migraflix, which works to socially and economically empower people with refugee status.

The Experiences category, under which the refugees’ activities will be available, was created in 2016 by Airbnb. It features activities that can be booked online by people looking to have experiences in the areas they are staying in. The immigrants’ activities in São Paulo will be based on their artistic skills and background.

Thirty proposals have been shortlisted from the Roots in the City course for the project wrap-up on Saturday (June 1) at Unibes Cultural, in São Paulo. On that occasion, a jury will name the 20 best ideas for the official campaign of the Airbnb Experiences project. The event is guests-only, and besides the cultural proposals, there will be a cocktail reception will typical foods from different countries and music performances.

Five of the immigrants slated to perform are of Arab origin. Jordan’s Ayman Abdel Rahman A. Alabadleh will present a lifestyle-oriented experience. The other Arab contenders come from Syria. Fatima Ismail will showcase a culinary experience, as will Ghazal Barambo. Yamam Saad’s proposal revolves around culture, and Yara Tanji’s is all about dancing.

The event will also feature the Syrian musician Rajana Oulby. He performs his own repertoire and is joined by violinist Léo Bianchini. The judges panel includes journalists, Airbnb Experiences team members, Migraflix CEO, and a digital influencer in the area of gastronomy.
Everyone that took the course will be able to host the Airbnb Experiences category, offering activities related to their life stories and cultures. Migraflix reported that it will provide photographers for the participants that are not selected, so they can have publicity material from their Airbnb experiences.

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum & Guilherme Miranda


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