Brazilian artisans to hold bazaar sale in Beirut

The Arteiras do Brasil group, composed of Lebanon residents born in Brazil, will be offering handicraft for sale at the Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center next Thursday.

Isabela Barros

São Paulo – A group of Brazilian artisans who live in Lebanon, Arteiras do Brasil will hold the second edition of their annual bazaar sale next Thursday (6). Handicraft items will be on offer from 11 am to 7 pm at the Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center Cultural headquarters in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

Items in the bazaar will include crochet and knitting, resin-painted pictures, decorative candles, handmade bags, painted bottles, décor items in general and tablemats. Ten percent of proceeds will go to NGO Empowerment Through Integration (ETI), which does work with the visually impaired in Lebanon – including proceeds for Lisas Cuisine, which will sell food during the event.

Handmade décor items will be on offer

The work of 19 female artisans will be on offer. Most of them are with Arteiras do Brasil, but members of the eco-friendly collective Eco Grupo will also be there. The artisans whose work will be featured are Roro Mohsen, Veronica Martinez, Ivani A. Silva, Samia Safsouf, Katia Nader, Mona Hachem, Sonia Melhem, Sirlene Nehme, Mabel Nakrour, Ethiene Moraes, Sanah Younes, Aminra Hammoud Ghotme, Wafa Younes, Samara Hammoud, Rose Sabra, Paula Moura, Carla Masri, Maria Younes and Arteiras do Brasil creator Katia Aawar.

The Arteiras do Brasil project was designed to create income and serve therapeutical purposes for Brazilian women in Lebanon, especially those who live in the countryside. Most of them are housewives. In addition to encouraging one another to create handicraft, they sell the items together at various events – there were five of them so far this year. The Brazilian-born Beirut resident Katia Aawar is also the owner of handmade purse brand Hand Secrets.

NGO ETI’s work in Lebanon is spearheaded by Brazilian women. Its mission is to build a more inclusive society through training to young people with special needs, and to end social and cultural stigmas. ETI provides mobility- and literacy-related training for children, young people and adults in several regions of Lebanon.

According to Katia, the Arteiras do Brasil bazaar sale is intended primarily for the Brazilian community in Lebanon who are regulars at the Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center, but everyone is welcome. Admission is free.

Quick facts

Arteiras do Brasil Bazaar Sale
Thursday, December 6, 11 am to 7 pm
Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center
Mar Mitr Street – Trad building – 176 – Achrafieh – Beirut – Lebanon
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Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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Press Release

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