Women group’s initiative to offer medical care to refugees

The event organized by the group Mulheres do Brasil (Women of Brazil) is scheduled for October 21, in Consolação district, São Paulo. The organization expects to provide health care for 400 people.

Bruna Garcia Fonseca

São Paulo – The group Mulheres do Brasil (Women of Brazil) is organizing an event called Manhã Global da Saúde (Global Morning of Health Care), to be held in São Paulo on October 21, that will offer medical care to people that came from different parts of the world as refugees and are now living in São Paulo. The initiative was taken in a partnership with Lar Sírio Pró-Infância, the project Estou Refugiado and the Caritas Archdiocese of São Paulo.

The medical care will be offered throughout the morning and the afternoon at state high school Escola Estadual Profª Marina Cintra, in Consolação district, São Paulo. The organization is trying to make available two support vans to pick up the refugees in one of the supporting NGOs, yet to be named, and drop them off at the school. “There will be five doctors and 80 graduate students of the Medical School of Santa Casa de São Paulo (a partner in the project) providing medical care, and translators to help with English, French and Spanish,” said Glória Brunetti, the head of the Healthcare department at Mulheres do Brasil.

Brunetti said that she expects 400 people to be seen. The healthcare stations will include anthropometry, weight and size measurements; blood pressure tests and following clinical orientation; capillary blood glucose tests and clinical orientation on the risk factors and diabetes prevention; general clinical and nutritional orientation; and a station solely for women’s care, with breast cancer orientation and prevention. There will also be an exclusive station for kids. At the end, each person will receive a complete file with their data and a forwarding letter, if needed.

The event has the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce as a sponsor. In the picture above, in a meeting Tuesday (09) morning, at the Arab Chamber, from left to right, Juliana Burza, Marketing Coordinator at the Arab Chamber and member of the Sciences, Technology and Innovation Committee of the group; Maria Cristina Rizkallah Alves, co-leader of the group’s Healthcare Committee; Maria Helena Rizkallah Thome, member of the group’s Healthcare Committee; Cláudia Yazigi Haddad, Arab Chamber’s director; Nuhad Skaf, secretary of the Arab Chamber’s board of directors; and Glória Brunetti, co-leader of the group’s Healthcare committee. The Arab Chamber’s CEO, Michel Alaby, also attended the meeting.

The group

The group Mulheres do Brasil was founded in October of 2013 by 40 women executives from different fields, with businesswoman Luiza Trajano as its president. According to them, Mulheres do Brasil plans to become the largest cross-party political mobilization block in Brazil.

Among the group’s initiatives, the highlight is the political pressure in the Senate for the approval of an affirmative action law for women in management councils of public and mixed-capital companies. The group also developed the app APPartidárias to monitor women’s candidacies to public offices, puts pressure on companies and governments on the need to adopt racial equality policies and encourages women entrepreneurship. The group operates in the fronts it considers a priority to the country, such as education, healthcare, racial equality and the fight to end violence against women.

Currently, the group has over 20,000 members in Brazil and abroad. They are Brazilian women from different classes, origins and professions, who are fighting for a more fair and inclusive country with equal opportunities to all.

Quick info

Manhã Global da Saúde (Global Morning of Health Care)
October 21, from 10 am to 4 pm
Escola Estadual Profª Marina Cintra
Rua da Consolação, 1289
Consolação, São Paulo
Free of charge

Translated by Sérgio Kakitani


Bruna Garcia/ANBA

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