Brazilian cosmetics company becomes halal certified

Private Cosméticos of Brazil, which specializes in vegan products, has been offering halal items since early last February. Now, the goal is to expand in Muslim markets.

Isaura Daniel

São Paulo – Brazilian cosmetics company Private Cosméticos got its products halal-certified. The certificate, which attests that the goods are made in compliance with Islamic rules and are fit for consumption by Muslims, was awarded in early February.

The halal label applies to all of Private’s hair and skin cosmetics lines. It was bestowed by the Islamic Inspection Service (SIIL Halal) in Brazil, and it is valid to all Islamic markets. Arab countries have predominantly Muslim populations.

The halal Vegan Lizz: market-ready

Private’s CEO Márcio Antônio Espíndola believes the newly achieved certification will lend even further credibility to the business, since the Middle East market is its primary export target. The executive hopes the label will yield sustainable, lasting, and highly positive growth for the company’s brands in Muslim countries.

Besides manufacturing product for its own lines, Private Cosméticos is cleared to supply its third-party clients upon prior notice to the certifier. The company supplies private label product.

Private’s portfolio includes the Vegan Lizz brand’s Hair Care and Skin Care lines. Items include conditioners, straighteners, skin masks, shampoos, and oils. The company specializes in vegan products, which contain no animal-based products and are not tested on animals. The hair straightener is a highlight.

Here’s more on Private Cosméticos:

Based in Valinhos, São Paulo, Private Cosméticos is an Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce member company. Espíndola explains that the Chamber has always supported the company, and encouraged it to become halal-certified for easier entry into Arab markets.

Going forward, Private is planning on having marketing and social media actions targeting the Arab countries, an on enhancing its partnership with the Arab Brazilian Chamber even further by joining trade shows and congresses across the Middle East. Private Cosméticos’ products  are of the premium type.

Espíndola believes his products will always be well accepted in Muslim markets. “That’s because all our products convey truth and honesty. That’s part of our mission statement and our values,” he told ANBA. The company’s products are available in Arab markets including Saudi Arabia, Libya and Iraq.

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Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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